Magnum Pump Saver

Magnum Pump Saver

  • Consistent and Reliable: WOM’s Magnum Pump Saver uses easy-to-install rupture disks which require no special tols to remove and replace


Unique Design
  • Highly Customizable: WOM’s Magnum Pump Saver is available in a wide choice of end connections and can be trimmed to handle H2S and salt water environments


Extraordinary Craftsmanship
  • Unmatched Precision: WOM’s Magnum Pump Saver offers a consistent +/- 5% repeatability up to 3,500 PSI and a remarkably precise  +/- 3% repeatability over 3,500 PSI


WOM’s Magnum Pump Saver is 4 times more accurate than standard industry pop/relief valves.


  • Quick Make-up Cap Assembly
  • Manufactured from quality high pressure forged materials