The Floating Ball Valve

WOM has expanded the ball valve product line and now offers a floating ball valve design.

The floating ball valve features a separate ball and stem design in which a free-floating ball is preloaded between the seats during assembly, giving the user an exceedingly reliable and proven design that protects against potential leak paths.

The valve design features a heavy-duty bolted construction for longer life and withstanding pressures, well suited for the following applications:

  • Oil and gas service with NACE and non-NACE based material selections
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical industry based material selection
  • Standard temperature range of -20°F to 250ºF
  • Temperature range of 40°F to 250°F can be supplied upon request

Special thanks to Rahul Mandare and Ramakrishna Dulaboji from WOM’s Engineering Department for working diligently in developing this new product.