The WOM Group of Companies

Worldwide Oilfield Machine

Worldwide Oilfield Machine, Inc. (WOM) is a multinational manufacturer headquartered in Houston, Texas with manufacturing, sales and service facilities strategically located around the globe. WOM has applied innovative concepts and engineering excellence to consistently improve reliability and reduce maintenance of process pressure and flow control equipment. In 1985, WOM introduced the breakthrough Dual-Seal design for gate valves used in the oil & gas industry. After thorough and rigorous testing at both WOM and independent test facilities, the Magnum Gate Valve design proved its superiority and became the gold standard in the industry for highly reliable, low maintenance valve technology. WOM continues to meet its customers’ ever-increasing demands by  expanding its product portfolio and, with it, its presence throughout the world to enable WOM to better meet these demands.

  • WOM United Kingdom

    Located in Aberdeen, Scotland, WOM UK is positioned to serve the European and North Sea markets. Primarily a customer support and service & repair center, WOM UK is a vital part of the WOM group’s ability to quickly and efficiently respond to the challenges that the harsh North Sea environment presents to its clients.

  • WOM Middle East

    Positioned in the heart of the oil & gas world, WOM ME provides a fast and efficient response to clients in the region. Operating out of the Jebel Ali Free Zone, WOM ME has already expanded its facilities to add local machining capabilities and is currently undergoing further expansions to increase the total size of the complex to over 3 acres.

  • WOM India

    WOM India is the regional head of the WOM group’s operations in Pune, India. Overseeing and interfacing with MFMW and MCMW, WOM India provides a local infrastructure for the WOM group to better serve its customers in the region.

  • WOM Asia Pacific

    Located in Singapore, WOM Asia Pacific (formerly Magnum Subsea Systems Pvt. Ltd.) was incorporated in December 2007 in Singapore. WOM AP specializes in the engineering and design of subsea equipment for drilling, well testing, production and pipeline applications. The products include subsea wellheads, subsea Christmas trees, Subsea manifolds, PLEMS, PLETS, Connectors, and subsea intervention systems.  WOM AP is strategically located to offer its expertise in the subsea oil and gas industry to clients and customers in Asia, South-East Asia, Australia and surrounding Pacific nations.


Magnum Technology Center (MTC)

Magnum Technology Center designs and manufactures complete equipment packages for well testing and production and managed pressure drilling services. With meticulous attention to detail, MTC offers packaged solutions that are both versatile and seamless- everything has been designed to work together perfectly whilst giving operators the flexibility to adapt.

With a huge wealth of hands-on experience from across the globe, MTC designs products that are perfectly suited with the realities of real life usage in mind. Fully certified to industry and governmental standards and backed up by extensive operational experience and customer support, MTC packages let you get on with the job in-hand safe in the knowledge that we’ve done ours.

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Magnum Forge and Machine Works (MFMW)

Located in Pune, India, Magnum Forge and Machine Works (MFMW) produces forgings in a variety of configurations to meet customer requirements. A 16-ton forging hammer is the beating heart of MFMW, allowing for single piece forgings such as the 13″ 10K and 11″ 15K closed die BOP forgings- a feat which only a handful of foundries around the world are capable of.

With an extensive arsenal of open and closed dies, MFMW is capable of producing premier WOM products at a high capacity, ensuring quick delivery with competitive pricing and unsurpassed quality, all while conforming to the most strict quality control procedures in the industry.

Magna Casting and Machine Works (MCMW)

Magna Casting and Machine Works, incorporated in 1999 and managed by experienced technocrats, is a state-of-the-art melting facility located in Pune, India. The principle objective of MCMW is to manufacture the highest quality castings possible in carbon alloy and stainless steels, which meet the most stringent of industry requirements.