Magnum Technology Center Well Test Equipment

Magnum Technology Center Well Test Equipment

Product Specifications & Features

  • Versatile Engineering: Magnum Technology Center’s (MTC) Trailer-Mounted Test Package offers a completely configurable design on a compact and trailer system which contains both testing equipment and operating facilities
  •  Designed for Convenience: MTC offers an extensive catalog of onshore and offshore well test equipment that has been specifically designed to be as compact and easily deploy-able as possible
  • Ultimate Reliability: As part of the WOM Group, MTC has full access to the resources and engineering capacity of WOM and makes liberal use of Magnum valves in all of its well test equipment


MTC designs and manufactures complete equipment packages for well testing & production and managed pressure drilling services. For more detail of MTC’s well test offering, visit their site here.


Fully certified to industry  and governmental standards and backed up by extensive operational experience and customer support, MTC delivers well test equipment that is  suitable for virtually any well test application.