Annular BOP

Annular BOP

Product Specifications & Features

  • Intuitive Design:  WOM’s Annular BOP has a conical bowl designed piston with a length-to-diameter ratio approaching 1 which eliminates tendencies to cock and bend during operations with off-center pipe or unevenly distributed accumulations of sand, cuttings, or other elements
  •  Tested ReliabilityThe piston and packing unit are the only moving parts, ensuring minimal wear. This design enhances the ability of the packing unit to reopen to full bore position. When engaged, the pipe may rotate and tool joints stripped without breaking the seal. When an annular seal is achieved, well pressure reinforces the seal
  • Hassle-Free Maintenance: Field-replaceable wear plate in the BOP head serves as an upper non-sealing wear surface for the movement of the packing unit, making field repair fast and economical. A piston stroke measurement indicator indicates remaining packing unit life without need for dis-assembly and ensures the longest and safest use of the packing unit





WOM’s Annular BOP is suitable for onshore and offshore applications.

  • Available in sizes ranging from 7” 5K through 21” 3K
  • Screwed or latch-type available
  • Optional packing unit rubber compounds permit more flexible application