Patented Dual-Seal Ball Valves

Patented Dual-Seal Ball Valves

Product Specifications & Features

  • Triple Seal Capable: In applications where there is a single direction of flow, the downstream sealing assembly can be re-configured to provide a third independent seal
  • Engineered for Safety: Patented split-block trunnion eases valve operation and acts like a retainer ring for a blow-out proof stem, installed from the valve’s interior to maximize safety. Integral stop ensures precise 90 degrees of rotation
  • Industry Certified: 600 Class to 1500 class ball valves tested and fire-safe per ISO, API 6FA or API 607 guidelines
  • Eliminates Downtime: Secondary seat energizes automatically if the primary seal is damaged, maintaining 100% operational capacity while allowing for replacement valves to be readied to minimize downtime
  • Effortless Operation: All WOM ball valves are Double Block and Bleed capable and the integrity of the seals can be checked while the valve is still in-line. In liquids service, valves self-relieve pressure from thermal expansion internally



Designed to replace thru-conduit gate valves in mainline service. Ideal for manifolds, tank farms, pig launchers, river crossings, hot-taps or any other application where a positive, bubble-tight seal is required. The Dual-Seal Ball Valve is capable of acting as an emergency shut-down valve when used with a fail-close actuator.

  • Available in sizes from 2” to 36″
  • Available in API 6D-rated pressure classes 150-1500, working pressures from 285 PSI to 3,705 PSI
  • Available in API 6A-rated working pressures from 2,000 PSI to 3,000 PSI, 2 1/16″ to 7 1/16″