Horizontal Subsea Tree

Horizontal Subsea Tree

Product Specifications & Features

  • Built to Client Specifications: WOM’s Horizontal Subsea Trees can be customized to customer requirement
  • Convenient Design: WOM’s Horizontal Subsea Trees feature horizontally-positioned primary valves allows for easy access for tubing retrieval and workover intervention operations, without requiring the tree to be removed
  • Industry Certified: WOM’s fully vertically integrated manufacturing process allows for complete supervision in every step of the process to produce API-certified subsea trees


Horizontal subsea trees can be used both in both template and satellite solutions.

  • Tubing hanger features metal-to-metal seal
  • Guide funnel to enable running without guide wires
  • Optional protective structure is available


Horizontal subsea trees are custom-engineered to customer’s requirements.

  • Rated for working pressures of 5,000 PSI and 10,000 PSI
  • Can be installed with tubing or drill string
  • Production and Annulus bores of sizes 5” X 2” and 4” X 2”