Mudline Suspension Tree

Mudline Suspension Tree

Product Specifications & Features

  • Built with Magnum Technology: WOM’s Mudline Suspension Trees utilizes WOM’s Dual-Seal Magnum hydraulic & manual gate valves
  • Quality Ensured: WOM’s simple Mudline Suspension Tree design and construction provides a cost-effective solution for shallow water completions coupled with WOM’s MLS Wellhead
  • Industry Certified: WOM’s fully vertically integrated manufacturing process allows for complete supervision in every step of the process to produce API-certified subsea structures


The Diver-assisted Mudline suspension tree is deployed in shallow water completions in marginal fields. Mudline suspension trees are typically used with a jackup completion for water depth of up to 400 ft.

  • 3 ½” tubing hanger with four down hole functions
  • WOM’s WQ Mechanical Connector reduces make-up/break-up time
  • Optional Protective Structure (FFS) available


Mudline suspension trees are custom-engineered to customer’s requirements.


  • Rated for working pressures of 5,000 PSI, 6,500 PSI and 10,000 PSI
  • Production and Annulus bores of sizes 5” X 2” and 4” X 2”
  • Available in EE,FF & HH Material Classes