Riser Base

Riser Base

Product Specifications & Features

  • Built to Client Specifications: WOM manufactures a variety of API-certified subsea structures that can be customized to customer requirement
  • Quality Ensured: WOM’s API-certified subsea structures conforms to API guidelines and are thoroughly inspected by both first and third party inspectors before being delivered to the customer
  • Industry Certified: WOM’s fully vertically integrated manufacturing process allows for complete supervision in every step of the process to produce API-certified subsea structures


Riser bases are subsea support structures used to tie-in a pipeline at one end and provide vertical flange connection to facilities to connect riser jumper at the other. A Riser base typically consists of ROV-Operated isolation WOM Magnum Gate Valves and hubs. Due to the large tension load of the riser jumper, the riser base can be separated as a mud-mat and a piping skid which are terminated at the riser jumper and can be installed to some inclined direction to facilitate the riser’s required entry angle.


Riser Bases are custom-engineered per the customer’s requirements.