SPII Compact Wellhead

SPII Compact Wellhead

Product Specifications & Features

  • Enhanced Safety: WOM’s SPII Compact Wellhead provides an increased level of safety due to a design with minimum through-wall penetrations. Mandrel-type hangers offer complete BOP control, eliminating work under the BOP stack and further enhancing safety
  • Minimum Components, Maximum Flexibility: WOM’s SPII Compact Wellhead uses a minimum number of components, all of which are interchangeable within the system resulting in reduced installation time, possible leak paths and overall costs
  • Industry Certified & Field Proven: The SPII Compact Wellhead is designed to meet API 6A requirements, certified to PSL 1-4 and is capable of operating in temperatures ranging from 0-350º F


The SPII Compact Wellhead’s design is based on field-proven and tested technology and allows for a wide range of customizable features

  • Available in 11″ nominal or 13 5/8″ nominal sizes
  • Available in 5,000 PSI or 10,000 PSI pressure ratings
  • 2 or 3 stage hanger systems
  • Casing programs easily changeable on-site
  • Positive internal lockdown for hangers
  • Interchangeable elastomeric and metal seal assembles


WOM’s SPII Compact Wellhead is suited for all standard wellhead applications.

  • Cold cut option available for emergency applications
  • Material classification AA-HH meeting NACE requirements