Suction Piles

Suction Piles

Product Specifications & Features

  • Built to Client Specifications: WOM manufactures a variety of API-certified subsea structures that can be customized to customer requirement
  • Quality Ensured: WOM’s API-certified subsea structures conforms to API guidelines and are thoroughly inspected by both first and third party inspectors before being delivered to the customer
  • Industry Certified: WOM’s fully vertically integrated manufacturing process allows for complete supervision in every step of the process to produce API-certified subsea structures


Suction piles are a robust and specialized anchoring system for drilling and production systems and have many applications in shallow water and deep water projects in the oil & gas industry. Suction piles are designed on a project-by-project basis based on soil conditions and load considerations. Typically, mud mats or skirts are used as foundations for subsea equipment while suction piles are usually used for anchoring the drilling and production unit. In this regard, suction piles have proven to be an effective anchoring method which are easy to install and remove.


Suction piles are custom-engineered to customer’s requirements.