Vertical Subsea Tree

Vertical Subsea Tree

Product Specifications & Features

  • Built to Client Specifications: WOM’s Vertical Subsea Trees can be customized to customer requirement
  • Convenient Design: WOM’s Vertical Subsea Trees mono-bore subsea trees do not require a wireline plug and can be run on drill pipe or tubing with an umbilical
  • Industry Certified: WOM’s fully vertically integrated manufacturing process allows for complete supervision in every step of the process to produce API-certified subsea trees


Vertical subsea trees are available in mono-bore and dual bore configurations.

  • Mono-bore construction with WOM Patented Magnum Gate Valves
  • Annulus access valve in dual bore enables direct monitoring of annulus


Vertical subsea trees are custom-engineered to customer’s requirements.

  • Available in mono-bore bores sizes of 3”, 5” ( 13 5/8) and 7” ( 18 ¾)
  • Rated for working pressures of 5,000 PSI, 6,500 PSI and 10,000 PSI
  • Dual bore – Production bore available in sizes of 5” and 4” with a 2″ annulus