Well Test Valves

Well Test Valves

Product Specifications & Features

  • Dual Seal Technology: WOM’s Well Test Valves take full advantage of the Magnum design providing a bi-directional, thru-conduit, upstream and downstream seal
  •  Designed for ConvenienceWOM’s Surface Safety Valves (SSV) and Wireline Cutting Gate Valves are enclosed in a protective frame to protect the valve during use
  • Ultimate Reliability: WOM’s SSV’s and Wireline Cutting Gate Valves are trusted by oilfield operators throughout the industry to reliably close and cut under any condition


Both the SSV and the Wireline Cutting Gate Valve meet API standards and can be provided with a variety of connections including hammer lug unions, Graylocks, API 16A hubs or API 6A flanges.

  • SSV’s can be configured with a manually operating hydraulic pump or a hydraulic control unit with Emergency Shut Down system
  • The Wireline Cutting Gate Valve is capable of cutting braided line or slick line up to 7/32″  in diameter and provides a single point cut to ensure a reliable seal after cutting


WOM’s Surface Safety Valve is suited for well testing, perforating and wireline operations. The Wireline Cutting Gate Vale is specially designed for wireline operations on offshore platforms.

  • Available in sizes 1-13/16″ to 7-1/16″
  • Available in working pressures from 5,000 PSI to 20,000 PSI