WU Ram Type BOP

WU Ram Type BOP

Product Specifications & Features

  • Easy to Operate:  WOM’s WU Ram BOP is pressure energized and features hydraulically operated locking mechanisms to hold the rams closed without actuation pressure. The WU Ram BOP operating system is designed to provide a fast and reliable seal around pipe or casing in the well bore, maintained even with loss of closing pressure
  •  Designed for Convenience: Ram packing materials are generous and self-feeding, in addition to being quick and easy to replace. Hydraulically opening bonnets allow for easy access to replace rams or change rams with several other compatible ram configurations. All operating parts in the BOP can be replaced on site
  • Industry Certified: Due to a fully integrated manufacturing line, WOM has complete control over the production of BOP units to ensure conformity to API regulations


WOM’s WU Ram BOP is suited for all standard well control applications.

  • Available in sizes ranging from 7” to 21″ 5K through 21” 3K